Difference between SQL and MySQL

SQL is a Standard Query Language, it is a ANSI standard . It is used to design and manage data held in RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System) such MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access etc.
SQL was initially developed by IBM in early 1970’s.
It is designed to manipulate & retrieve data stored in RDBMS (MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, …).
Sometimes people get confused in SQL and Microsoft SQL Server. SQL is a Standard Query Language whereas SQL Server is an RDBMS which itself uses SQL language.

MySQL is one of the several database system or RDBMS.
MySQL is a database which itself uses SQL language to query the database.
MYSQL is developed by Swedish company MySQL AB, now owned by Oracle Corporation.

Why is it important to learn SQL language?
Since SQL is a standard ANSI and uses in every Relational Data Base System.
It is easy to Create, Retrieve, Update & Delete in a SQL language.
SQL has very simple queries which are easy to learn.
There are so many big tech companies which are using RDBMS such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server etc. for database management and these RDBMS uses SQL language to retrieve and manipulate data.

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